Cos-er, 3D printed jewelry

This project grows out of the collaboration between two realities that allowed us to combine the handcrafted aspect of jewels with the innovation of 3D printing. The collection includes necklaces, earrings and rings tailored for people who like wearing unique accessories. No two Cos-er creations are alike.


Community Garden Identity

Orto Morvillo is a project by the MDF association of Turin that promotes social gatherings and urban renewal. During its first year of operation, I developed a path with people who are part of the group in order to define its visual identity, through the creation of the logo and of the project communication guidelines.



The renovation of this 60 m² apartment in the centre of Turin has focused on the design of the new layout of the living area, obtaining two spaces the can communicate with each other or be separated by means of a wide sliding door. The floor made of stoneware gives emphasis to the sense of continuity between the spaces, creating a…


Molise Region Palace Contest

The idea behind the project is based on the creation of a new double pedestrian axe. It passes inside and outside the building to connect two important public spaces that are conceived as the cornerstones of the transformation. The park is composed by five artificial hills, which have an decreasing asymmetric profile.  Collaboration: Archisign, Arch. C. Perino


Opera House 4.0 Contest

Opera House 4.0 proposes a inclusive place for music through architecture and technological innovation. “Inclusive” because it is accessible to a broader range of people, adapting to several kinds of music listener as well as different social strata. “Inclusive” because it is flexible for different forms of concert and spectacle as for different kinds of diffusion of music. “Inclusive” because…

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