Architecture, Graphic designer

Opera House 4.0 Contest

competiotion OPERA HOUSE 4.0
Opera House 4.0
Opera House 4.0
Opera House 4.0
Opera House 4.0


Opera House 4.0 proposes a inclusive place for music through architecture and technological innovation. “Inclusive” because it is accessible to a broader range of people, adapting to several kinds of music listener as well as different social strata. “Inclusive” because it is flexible for different forms of concert and spectacle as for different kinds of diffusion of music. “Inclusive” because the Opera House 4.0 encloses in its architecture the inclusive dimension extending to the park and the whole city.

Collaboration: Arch. Francesco Carota


AWR Competitions
dicembre 3, 2016
San Francisco
Autocad, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustartor